Jutland Park also has some quality females, yearling bulls and yearling heifers for sale from the paddock. We pride ourselves in our Red Angus herd, the breed that is continuing to perform all the time. We are committed to producing sound and functional cattle to suit the stud herds as well as the commercial herds. We welcome visitors at any time so please feel free to give us a call to make arrangements for an inspection.

Jutland Nathan Z7JN16 (AI)

A bull with huge substance, a great temperament, and fantastic EBV’s. He is in the top 1% for all growth traits and all 3 index’s. Top genetics. Semen tested and Zoetis Star Certified

Dam is Jutland Helga Z7JH22 and sired by Jutland Elton Jell Z7JE25. This is another great, long, deep and well bred bull.  He is an easy doer and would be able to walk long distance to do his work. Zoetis Star Certified.


Jutland Newton Z7JN25 (N)

Newton is a great bull with good conformation, has a good set of all round EBV’s and shows huge strength with a good temperament.  His dam is Jutland Jeanie Z7J36, sired by Jutland Jetball Z7JJ49.  Zoetis Star certified.