With the superb Red Angus temperament our grandson Byron Blevin has been able to bond with the cattle from the young age of 3 and has grown to be a big part of the Jutland team.

It is our breeding policy to breed top quality Red Angus cattle being structurally sound, an acceptable type with a quiet temperament. We have incorporated Breed Plan which quantifies important economic traits such as birth weight, growth, milk, carcass and fertility. We believe this is a guide when selecting stock but visual inspection is always necessary. We strive to produce a profitable animal.
When it comes to cattle, we are sold on the fertility, mothering ability and the great dispositions of Red Angus. They also adapt well to any environment from irrigated pastures to arid conditions. The profitability in our herd is based on the efficiency and longevity of Red Angus females. They are gentle, easy calving cows that increase efficiency and are a pleasure to work with.

It is our objective to produce bulls bred for balance with calving ease, maternal performance and carcass. Our program is committed to our customers satisfaction and success. Great genetics, quality performance, fantastic disposition and reliable service to suit both the stud and commercial breeders. All our animals are Zoetis Star certified which is a quality assurance for stud bulls and females. This assures that the animals are fully vaccinated and that we have taken all the current available steps to protect the animals against introducing reproductive diseases into a herd.

Our objectives with regards to the Black Angus is exactly the same as our Reds.